Uber Charged $18,500 For A 20 Minute Ride And It Caused Chaos

Hisham Salama ordered an Uber on a Friday night for a little hospital trip to check up on a friend. Vice Canada was told he was shocked after seeing the bill. The minimal 20 minute journey cost him a whopping $18,000 Canadian dollars.

“My first reaction was to just laugh, because I thought it was probably just an error but then about 20 minutes (later), when I was with my friend, I thought I should probably check my credit card to make sure everything was OK,”

Vice were told. He was using the metered taxi fare, rather than there official rate. After looking, he saw the huge bill pending on his credit card.

After trying to contact Uber several times, he was eventually told that the bill is actually correct! He also received an email saying the same thing:

How could a representative let a mistake such as this slide so easily, people couldn’t believe it:

Eventually, Uber issued Hisham a well needed refund. Social media saved the day once again:

Its worrying to think that you need an army of social media to actually get this problem resolved. Head office need a serious talking to!

Who even has $18,000 to even consider a taxi journey anyway?!

Images via: Twitter