Uber Banned From London In Surpising TFL Decision

In a shock decision that’s sure to delight cab drivers city-wide, Transport For London (TFL) are not going to be renewing Uber’s private license.

TFL stated that the company “demonstrated a lack of corporate responsibility” and that it was not “fit and proper” because they supposedly compromise passenger safety.

They also voiced concerns about Uber’s methods of reporting criminal offences.

At present, Uber’s licence will expire on the 30th of September – that’s next Saturday! They do however have 21 days to appeal the decision. This could buy them some time, as whilst legal proceedings are taking place Uber can continue to operate.

The company has over 40,000 driver in London and 3.5 million users. Most people use Uber as a more affordable alternative to riding in black cabs, which has caused disputes in the past between London cabbies and Uber’s drivers.

Uber have made a statement saying that Transport for London “caved in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer choice” , stating their intention to appeal the ruling.

… So it’s likely to be a little while before you stop seeing Uber’s around London.

Images via: Twitter, Pixabay