Twitter Is Going Mad Over The New ‘Star Wars’ Poster

Star Wars fans across the Twitter-sphere are going mad as the poster for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ has been released. As usual, when any small piece of information comes out about these films, people will always dissect every detail; and this is no exception. Likely to be the last time Carrie Fisher appears in any movie (unless they bring her back somehow with CGI), this one is going to tug on some heart strings…

We’ve got to be honest though, this poster has us seriously hyped about the film, how can you not get excited when you see it!

As soon as it was posted, fans quickly rushed to find Easter eggs and potential signs pointing to the plot of the upcoming film. Noteably, Carrie Fisher is right in the middle of the poster, causing emotional responses from some fans.

And could this be a possible sign of things to come?

And could the positioning of Luke point to him turning evil as was foretold in the prophecy? Or are we just getting ahead of ourselves!?

It’s safe to say, we’re truly pumped about this poster and cannot wait for the film to be released!

We hope it will live up to the hype.

Images via: Twitter