This Lad Had An Amazing Hangover Adventure With An OAP He Met At Lidl

Lidl is just an amazing place, it’s cheap, cheerful, and you know you won’t be kept hanging around the checkouts for long.

More people should definitely consider shopping there, you can pick up prosecco, lamb joints, beer for less than the cost of a cheese and onion sandwich at Sainsbury’s.

For anybody who has ever shopped with a hangover, you’ll understand that it’s really not a pleasant experience, especially in Lidl!

Most of the time, everybody walks around the store for the sake of it when they’re not sure what to buy. Afterwards we all end up with stuff that we didn’t really want, I suppose we fancied it at the time. It’s also rarely anything healthy.

However, this lad’s experience will hopefully cheer you up if you are experiencing a hangover right this very moment. His name was Callum Ruane and after a heavy session with the ‘lads’ he urgently needed some bread to bring him back to reality.

He stated that he was feeling worse for wear:

And the place to get this hangover cured? Lidl is the place to be of course.

He popped over to his local store and got something he didn’t expect.

You need to check this out:

Wow. I’m stuck for words.

Sometimes you are often approached by strangers and you’re happy to say Hi and other times they just don’t leave you alone.

Looks like poor Callum has committed himself to something he didn’t expect here.

Did he get his loaf though? People on Twitter were eager to find out:

Plus many other great Tweets that will give you a smile. It’s really worth checking them out. This is proof that Lidl can be an interesting experience the next morning.

Images via: Twitter / Lidl