This Horrifying First Trailer For ‘The Strangers’ Sequel Has Been Released

Everybody has watched a horror movie once in their life that sticks with them forever. Usually this is when we’re slightly too young.

A perfect example of this is The Strangers movie. The movie is only rated a 15 in the UK, but it is one of those movies you can sneak on until late with your mates when you’re about 12. Remember getting through a whole bag of Haribo? These were the good times.

What an amazing journey it turned it to be.

The Strangers is based on real events and it’s about a couple who are staying in a former childhood home in a remote area. The couple struggle after a rejected proposal. The two have no choice but to get over them. They are then terrorised by a group of strangers in horrific masks.

The tension in the film is super high, making a 12-year-old wake up the entire house with screams upon screams. If you don’t believe this fact, give the first film a try.

9 years later they decided to bring out a sequel named The Strangers: Prey At Night. This is incredibly exciting. Who is ready for another night of horror?

To get you in the mood, the trailer is below:

The film is directed by Johannes Roberts (The Other Side Of The Door) and written by Bryan Bertino. The film synopsis states:

“A family staying in a secluded mobile home park for the night are visited by three masked psychopaths, to test their every limit.”

Some people are excited already:

Some still aren’t sure though:

Time will tell if this film will be a success.

Images via: Twitter / Aviron Pictures