This Horrific Remake Of Georgie Meeting Pennywise The Lego Version Is FREAKY

Want a scary film? You MUST see It. It is considered scary and entertaining at the same time. Imagine if it wasn’t scary.. that would just be weird. It features a group of childen who are hunting down this child-eating monster which features a pretty scary clown known as Pennywise.

People were initially sceptic but once released the members of public absolutely love it. It had raving reviews on Rotten Tomatoes an it apparently has a sequel.. Great news!

Steven King is extremely talented so it always had potential to make a great movie. But most importantly, it’s frigging terrifying.

Admittedly the thought of a clown eating a child is pretty scary, but when you hear people constantly talking about it, things just get dramatically worse.

Let’s take Lego for example, it would make your cheery right?

The scene were Georgie is taken by Pennywise took us all by surprise but luckily there is now a Lego version which is considered just as scary. Also, don’t forget the sound.

We aren’t joking.. Just watch below.

Terrified yet?

Poor little man though, all he wanted was his damn boat!

He’s nothing like the loving clown we could of potentially expected.

If you haven’t seen the show already, get yourself down there, you won’t regret it. Sleep tight.

Images via: Warner.Bros / Lego / YouTube / Tumblr