This Couple Lost Everything Because Of One Mistake On Facebook

Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk only recently go engaged. In order to move closer to Mark’s work, they found a place 8 miles from where they currently live. Becky looked online to find a moving company. Their Facebook page and website were great – they had shining feedback, everything looked 100% legit! So she called them up and booked a time with Lee Green.

Some men arrived and swiftly loaded everything into their van.

Becky just assumed they were just good at their jobs for being so fast:

“They stormed in and out of the apartment. We just thought that they were professional.”

Off the van went, full of almost all their possessions from the apartment, ready to deliver to the new place. But there was a problem.

The removal men didn’t even get the address of the new apartment, they never intended to go there.

Suddenly, in less than an hour, everything they owned was GONE. Not just all their furniture and clothes, but family photos and important documents.

In under one hour, all of their possessions were completely gone. Quite literally everything.

Becky spoke about her reaction immediately after the incident:

“I’ve never cried so much as I did on that day. I feel so distraught because they’ve taken my engagement ring and even the baby’s toys.”

The only item they had taken themselves was their TV, because they didn’t want it to get broken.

“They’ve left us completely heartbroken. We can buy new furniture but our personal belongings can never by replaced.”

They are not the first and unfortunately will not be the last to fall victim to this crime. Another family just a month prior had the same thing happen to them.

We’ve all relied on the internet to make life easier and we often take for granted that what we see is what we will get. Not the case and it’s very important to look beyond positive testimonials to ensure you are dealing with the real deal.

Yes, the internet makes life a lot easier, but it’s important to always be safe and do your research. You can’t always rely upon positive testimonials as a way of ensuring trustworthiness.

Please share this story with friends and family to try and stop the spread of this heinous crime.

Images via: Facebook / Twitter