The Trailer For ‘The Incredibles 2’ Just Dropped And Twitter Is Thrilled

We’ve waited 14 years and it has finally arrived. That’s right, Pixar just released a trailer for The Incredibles 2 and it’s safe to say we’re over the moon.

The last movie was released in 2004 would you believe! Now if that doesn’t make you feel old I don’t know what will. We had all but lost hope in a sequel, but clearly Pixar couldn’t pass up this opportunity for making some big bucks and at the same time delighting fans.

It’s not the first time that Pixar have made us wait this long for the second instalment of a much loved franchise… remember Finding Dory? That took 13 years to come out after the release of Finding Nemo back in 2003.

In case you missed the trailer (what are you doing with your life?) you can watch it here:

As you can imagine, the internet is most excited about this turn of events. And in their excitement, people have taken to Twitter to express their delight.

Having said that, not everyone is as hyped as us for the trailer… hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion!

Others have expressed their confusion at some of the Incredibles’ family and how they’ve aged over the past 14 years!

The man makes a good point!

Apparently the movie will be released in June 2018, so we really haven’t got that long to wait. However in order to hit that deadline they’ve had to push back the release of Toy Story 4 to 2019.

You can’t win them all…

Images via: Twitter / Disney / Pixar / YouTube