The Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Just Dropped And Twitter Is Thrilled (Again)

We’ve recently written about DC’s latest releases and how they have been somewhat lacklustre. Marvel on the other hand have been consistently churning out action movie masterpieces year after year.

And now we’ve been delighted by the trailer for the next movie: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. If the name isn’t enough to capture you, let me assure you that once you’ve watched the trailer you will be chomping at the bit to watch this film.

The day before the trailer was released, Marvel teased us with this fan reaction video which they posted on YouTube. It showed fans reacting to previous Marvel trailers and certainly got us hyped for another one.

And the next day they did NOT disappoint by giving us this insanely good trailer for the new movie. Two and a half minutes of pure enjoyment that the office hasn’t stopped talking about since. And now you get to watch it too:

This is what we’ve been building up to for basically the last ten years and it appears that this is the movie where it all comes to a head. Simply put, we love it.

Can we just point out… how good does Chris Evans look with a beard!? They should’ve let him grow that thing many movies ago.

There’re just so many things in this trailer to get excited about… For a start Thanos looks so badass and scary, more so than we could’ve imagined. And at the end when the Guardians Of The Galaxy show up… mind blown.

Understandably, all of this has got the internet in an uproar of people who are super pumped to see this film.

We couldn’t agree more with this one, squad goals indeed!

Were you prepared for this? We weren’t.

Images via: Twitter / Marvel / YouTube