The Police Department In Michigan Promise To Spoil Stranger Things 2 For Criminals

What do people hate the most on the internet? Fake news? Trolls? Yes, they hate all of the above, but most of all… people hate spoilers. And if you ever try to spoil the people’s beloved Stranger Things, you are one heartless soul.

Well one police department in Michigan, namely the East Lansing PD, has decided to use the threat of spoilers to their advantage. Recently, on Twitter, the police deparment made the announcement that they would be spoiling season 2 of Stranger Things for any criminals unlucky enough to be placed in their jail.

The internet was divided on this… is this a fair punishment or do the criminals deserve this strange type of justice?

Most people were in support of the idea.. I mean they are criminals, so who really cares if the trill of season two is stolen from them.

The police department did later clarify that this was a joke, but people did point out that the threat was poorly timed.

So perhaps this time it was just a joke, but we think that in the future maybe some jails should utilise this technique to their advantage!

What do you think?

Images via: Twitter / Netflix