The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Kurt Russell’s Tiny Hairdresser

We all love him, one of America’s coolest human beings and a brilliant actor – Kurt Russell. The man is a legend and not to mention has one of the best hairdo’s in Hollywood. How does he keep those locks looking so great you may ask? Well, this behind the scenes Instagram photo taken by James Gunn may reveal all…

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People initially were pointing out the obvious and slightly tragic sign that the photo tells us about the generation gap. Kurt enjoys a nap and meanwhile Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt just sit there tapping away at their phone screens.

But whilst you might miss it the first time, if you take a second look there is a glorious secret to be revealed…

I know… it came as a shock to us too but it’s true. Kurt Russel has a tiny hairdresser. We aren’t sure if the hairdresser lives up there and is carried her around all day or if she just follows him and hops up when necessary, but who cares!? It’s a tiny hairdresser people!

Alright, so perhaps it’s just some depth perception tomfoolery but as you can imagine people on the internet love this and, along with myself, really want this tiny hairdresser to be real.

There’s more than one theory out there as well.

Others simply wish they had their own minnature coiffeur.

Not only that, but Kurt’s amazing ability to nap anywhere has impressed many.

We just wish we had a tiny hairdresser who can fix us up whenever we need.

Images via: Instagram / Twitter