Social Media Shows Something Isn’t Quite Right With Black Friday In The UK

If you happen to read this post during Black Friday, surely you’ve finished trampling your neighbours at all the shops so you can get everything that you want, thinking it’s a good deal. It’s well known that people in America go nuts for this event, looks like the UK has slowly adopted this tradition.

However, the event appears to be slightly different in the UK, the retailers are expecting hordes of people to show up with plenty of attractive deals. The results were mixed.

This is what happened:

Just ONE person, this is a slight embarrassment. Imagine having more staff than actual shoppers.

His name was apparently Marcel and he went there to pick up a laptop. No need to be disappointed though, everybody loved his enthusiasm. It looked like he was late for a flight or something. It looks like Black Friday failed slightly:

The people of the UK don’t even seem interested in Black Friday. Maybe the deals just suck.

Always look for positives though!

In time though, they’ll definitely get you.

It’s officially happening.

Images via: Twitter