Pizza Hut Announces New Autonomous Delivery Van And Black Mirror Fans Are Worried

It’s that time of year again when the Consumer Electronics Show rocks up to Vegas and the world’s biggest tech companies show off their latest and greatest innovations.

This year however, they’ve mostly just been scaring the hell out of us with new waves of Artificially Intelligent robots that we are sure will take over the world.

One announcement which has got people up in arms on Twitter came from Pizza Hut, who revealed that they are working in partnership with Toyota to bring us a driver-less, fully automated pizza delivery van. They hope to have this on the roads by 2020!

But fans of the Netflix hit ‘Black Mirror’ noticed some terrifying similarities between this AI van and the recent Crocodile episode of the show. Here’s the van from Crocodile:

And here’s Pizza Hut with their announcement… look familiar to you?

Now, they didn’t think this would go unnoticed did they? Of course Twitter blew up with people reacting to the similarities.

Even the show’s official Twitter account got in on the action.

Seriously though, we’re actually rather concerned about this and so are these people…

Then folks pointed out some other similarities…

We have to say though, the Model 3 Owners club, or rather Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park said it best;

Can we just leave this AI stuff alone please?!

Images via: Twitter / Netflix / Pizza Hut / Pixabay