Pet Owners Are Sharing These Super Useful Tips

Pet owners across the internet are sharing the ideas they have used with their pets that really work. These 20 tips will make life a lot easier and in many cases save you money!

Tear-proof Toys.

We all know dogs love toys. The problem is they also love tearing them to shreds. Take a plastic lattice ball and stuff it with rags to make this reusable, never ending stuffed toy!

DIY Scratching Post.

It’s super easy to make a scratching post out of some string and a table leg.

Pet Food Storage System.

You don’t always need the best tech to get by. One of the easiest ways to store dry food and keep it fresh is by putting it in a seal-able jug.

Homemade Flea Spray.

You can make flea spray yourself! The recipe is simple… Take an empty spray bottle, 2 glasses of water, 1 large lemon, 2 tablespoons of witch hazel without alcohol, a tablespoon of dried lavender or a bundle of fresh lavender, a strainer, and a saucepan. Put everything except the witch hazel in a saucepan and boil for half an hour.

Then, remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool. Use the strainer to remove all the ingredients, add the witch hazel and pour the resulting solution into the spray bottle, BINGO!

No More Tears.

You can use a shower cap to stop water getting in your dog’s eyes whilst washing them.

Escape Proof Collar.

Is your pet small enough to fit through the gaps in your fence/barrier? No problem! Try this handy escape proof collar.

Stop The Fur-Pocalypse.

If you have a cat you’ll know that their fur tends to get everywhere… But if you take a couple of minutes to comb through their hair each morning, you’ll be able to greatly reduce the amount of it flying around!

Bathing Your Cat.

If you must bath your cat, it’s best to do it in a sink so you can control them more easily and stay closer to calm them.

Making Food For Dogs With Weak Or No Teeth.

If your dog struggles to eat hard food because of dental problems, mix together some water, chicken broth and dry dog food. Put the mix through a blender. Then put the resulting mixture in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. It’s just like dining at the doggy Ritz.

Rubber Glove Hack.

To get hair off of fabrics in your house, take a damp rubber glove and scrape with your hand. It’ll come right off!

Litter Odour Problems.

Sometimes your cat’s litter tray can leave a bad smell around the house. A great way to combat this is to put a few dry green tea leaves in your cat’s litter.

Thunder Storm Protection.

During a storm, static electricity collects in your dog’s fur, often causing it to become anxious. You can use wet wipe to easily remove the static charge, this will help reduce your pet’s discomfort and prevent it from the risk of panic attacks.

Bad Breath, Away!

To your furry friend, parsley is just like peppermint chewing gum. Adding it to their food will help freshen your pet’s breath in no time.

Prevent Chewed Up Wires.

If you have a pet that likes to chew, threading wired through some PVC pipe protects them from your pets chewing habits! Long term, it’s best just to train them not to chew…

Summer Treats for Dogs.

Your dog will love you for this. Freeze some apple slices in chicken broth — this makes for a great treat when it’s hot as the frozen aspect cools them down.

Protect From Ants.

Ants follow rules. Take some chalk and draw a line around your pets bowl, they won’t cross it.

Slow Down!

Dogs tend to eat really fast which can cause them stomach problems. Putting a toy in their food bowl will slow them down!

Kitty Play House.

Following on from the scratching post tip, stack a few of your string laden stools on top of each other to fashion a really cool house.

Harmful Foods.

There are many foods to look out for that can be dangerous for your dog. The most harmful include: alcohol, chocolate, garlic, green potatoes and their sprouts, sugar, apricot and peach stones, onions, grapes and raisins, mushrooms and yeast dough.

The Permanent Lap.

Such a cool use for your old jeans!