People Jump On McDonalds For Their Black Friday Twitter Blunder

One thing Celebs can’t seem to get to grips with is copying and pasting their captions on social media. You’d think it’d be pretty straight forward but evidently it’s one of life’s biggest struggles…

Take this example from Little Mix, who forgot to delete the message from their manager (or publicist) which made the overall message feel a little bit less sincere.

Scott Disick also fell prey to this simple of all errors when trying to promote skinny tea. Hilarious!

Now it’s one thing for an individual celeb to make a simple mistake copying and pasting across from Whatsapp to Instagram, but for a massive multi-national corporation like McDonalds, it’s a tad more important to get it right.

The poor guy or gal who manages their social media was all on top of their Black Friday promotion. Ahh they must have felt great getting all the tweets scheduled for Thanksgiving, driving home knowing it’d all manage itself. Well, as it turns out they made a little boo boo of their own.

What is remarkable is that they’ve left the tweet up! Usually when a mistake like this is made they are quick to sweep it under the carpet. But this time they decided to make the best of a bad situation and turn this blunder into some extra exposure. Quite ingenious we think.

Whilst they managed to tidy that up quite quickly, that didn’t stop the internet from piling on in their roast of the company’s tweet. What did they expect??

Some people have been guessing how the whole fiasco played out in the McDonalds office…

Of course, one of McDonalds’ biggest rivals (and social media genius’s) Wendy’s were quick to jump on this, and it burned pretty hard…


Others say, and we have to agree, that the overall exposure they will get from this mistake will more than likely out weigh any the correct tweet would’ve gotten.

Do you think this could’ve been done on purpose!?

Images via: Twitter / Instagram / Pixabay