Oklahoma City Thunder’s Plane Was Hit Mid-Air Leaving This Crazy Damage

Remind me never to fly on a plane ever again. In the early hours of Saturday morning the Oklahoma City basketball team were flying to Chicago when their plane was struck mid-air.

Everyone aboard was safe, but the damage is shocking! Star Carmelo Anthony posted a picture of the plane’s nose on Instagram:

Luckily the aircraft withstood the impact and the damage seems to have only been cosmetic. We’re glad that nothing else went wrong and that the team and staff on board were all okay.

In a statement from Delta Airlines, they said the plane “likely encountered a bird”. Wow, that’s one hell of a bird! Surprisingly a spokesperson for the team said the flight was just “a little rough” but not in a was that caused too much alarm. With a dent that big though, the internet was (as always) sceptical.

All jokes aside, yes the damage looks pretty bad, but it turns out that the noses of passenger planes like this aren’t overly sturdy anyway and are just there to protect the plane’s radar antenna. We’re pretty sure this must happen fairly often if this is what happens every time a bird hits! Still, it’s pretty scary and it’s enough to put me off flying… but I’m sure I’ll be over it in a week.

Here’s some footage of the front of the plane posted by ABC:

Crazy right!?

Images via: Twitter / Pixabay / Instagram