Mum Sends Amazing Letter To Head After Her Daughter’s Breaks Dress Code

When the weather gets warmer we all know that dress code in schools can become an issue! And if we’re honest, it tends to be unfairly skewed towards affecting girls.

And if there’s one type of person that we know not to mess with, it’s a mother!

The mother in question is Catherine Guggenheimer Pearlman, who took hilariously to Instagram to share a photo of the shorts that got her daughter in trouble with her school.

Apparently these shorts were inappropriate because they stopped short of her daughter’s fingertips (yes it took us a while to work it out also).

But it didn’t stop there! Not only did the mum take to Instagram, she also wrote a community post on the Today website.

She talks about how her daughter is being punished for being tall, and rather amusingly calls on the head teacher for help.

They didn’t leave out any details:

And this little gem:

We haven’t heard yet if she’s had a response, but its definitely 1-0 to mum so far!

Images via: Instagram