KFC Sent This Awesome Painting To The Guy Who Uncovered Their Twitter Secret

Not too long ago we wrote about KFC following 11 people on Twitter: The five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb (including UFC referee Herb Dean). That’s right, six herbs and five spices! If you missed the article, check it out here.

Well the gentleman that noticed this (@edgette22 on Twitter) has now been rewarded. You might think that the obvious choice would be a life supply of KFC right? Wrong… that’s not KFC’s style.

What do you know, that’s Edge being given a piggyback ride by the Colnel himself! A work of art yes, a strange gift… also yes. But wow KFC’s marketing team are inventive.

People on Twitter went mad for this of course!

Edge had also been the victim of some controversy surrounding the whole debacle, so this will come as a welcome treat.

What do you think?

Images via: Twitter / @edgette22