Hardee’s Got Trolled Extremely Badly By Wendy’s Which Got Them Blocked

What could be a better thing to do on your break? Recently something a little bit more amusing has cropped up across Twitter. It regards to competition, nobody can seem to compete with the amazing Wendy’s employees who seem to be taking everybody by surprise. They have already attacked McDonald’s in regards to their fresh ‘beef’ plan. It looks like Hardee’s was next.

Twitter users got into a fight regarding who had the best 4 for 4$ deal, however, it took a turn for the worse when Hardee’s tried to give Wendy’s a run for their money, sadly, they were quickly shut down.

It would be rude for Wendy’s not to reply to this:

As always, people were absolutely loving it!

For your reference, Alan Bean was clearly fourth person to walk on the moon, as shown below:

Wendy’s need to keep trolling, the PR they are getting from these stunts are priceless.

Images via: Twitter