Gingerbread House ‘Pinterest Fails’ Being Posted To Twitter Are Making Our Christmas

There’s nothing the office loves more than a good old Pinterest fail. It’s much more gratifying to see an utterly awful recreation of a masterpiece than to see the original itself.

And at Christmas everyone likes to try their hand at the not-so-easy traditional gingerbread house. And the failures are coming in thick & fast.

It’s actually becoming somewhat of a tradition in it’s own right, to post your gingerbread house failure to social media…

The gravest mistake you can make is to have too heavy a roof, and whatever you do don’t make your icing too runny or it’s going to slip right off!

Some of these fails really do leave you wondering what the person was doing… I’m not going to say much though because I’m not certain I could do a better job.

Usually it’s just best to embrace the failure, like these people did:

When all else fails it’s better to just destroy the evidence… .

Some people’s houses were beyond saving, we guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles!

One thing is for sure, don’t throw it away!!? What are you doing? That’s good gingerbread ready for eating right there. Shame.

We hope this tradition continues for a very long time…

Images via: Twitter