Every Photo of Charles And Diana Told A Lie… Can You Guess What It Was?

It appears at a first look that we know everything about Prince Charles and the beloved Princess Diana. Their lives were played out in front of the world’s media in the utmost detail. But you might be surprised that all along the majority of us didn’t notice this obvious deception.

It’s easy to peek back through history looking at these photos, mostly taken by official Royal photographers.

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It was deliberately emphasized by photographers that Charles was the head of the family: he is taller and seems to be a shield and defender, as the man is supposed to be in an exemplary couple.

It seems that emphasis has been put on Charles by photographers. The head of the family, the strong leading male. He is pictured taller in every photo.

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Up until recently this notion went unquestioned. Some journalists however realised that in actual facts these photographs don’t paint a true picture.

As it turns out, there is no height difference between Charles and Diana, they were the same height. Diana therefore must always have been told to stand lower than Charles for photos. Was she to wear a heel this would ruin the photo and the ‘perfect’ reflection of such a powerful couple.

People say that this was intentionally manufactured in most photos in order to point out Charles’s dominant role within the family.

What do you think?

Images via: Flickr / Joe Haupt