Dating App ‘Huggle’ Is Changing The Face Of Dating, Or Is It?

Online dating – love it or hate it, is becoming the way of meeting people in this day and age.

Of course it started with sites like ‘’ and ‘eHarmony’, but if you’re serious about the dating game the go-to place is Tinder. The problem with this, though, is that you often find the ‘relationships’ you make through the app to be somewhat lacking in substance. Don’t get me wrong, there’re plenty of people who have gotten married to people they’ve met on the app, but we all know that if you’re looking for a hookup Tinder is the place to go.

Along comes Huggle… putting a spin on the dating game. Not only can you use the app for dating purposes, but it’ll also let you meet friends and people whom you share similar interests with. Perhaps most importantly is the way the app matches you with others, which will ensure your matches genuinely have things in common with you.

And there’s no pressure to go on a date. When you match someone you can both decide whether you want to just be friends, or whether you do indeed want to pursue something more romantic.

This is something that sets Huggle apart from Tinder for sure. But it will certainly take a while for people to trust the app and switch over from the dating giants.

So how does it work? We’ll let you decide if this is ingenius or creepy… but Huggle match you up with people based on where you have been using location technology.

You go to a concert, a club or a restaurant and the app will match you up with people who have visited the same location as you. We’re seeing more geo-location tech coming into our lives so I’m sure people will get used to it, and hey, at least it’ll give you something to talk about!

They’ve even got celebs using the app!

Time will tell if the app does what it sets out to, or if it just becomes another Tinder…

Images via: Pexels / Twitter / Huggle