Crazy Things That Google Street View Has Caught On Camera

Google has mapped out most of the world on Street View. Of course to do so they had to drive a Google car around taking millions of pictures. Just like the articles you’ve seen on the web of the strange things you can see with Google Earth, you can find some equally odd goings on that real users have taken screen shots of from Street View. We made a list of our favourites.

#1 Getting Trolled

A resident must have known or seen the Google car driving around and decided to troll it. Well, it worked. Congrats mystery troll, you made the list.

#2 The Birds Are Coming

This group from Japan must have known in advance the car was coming through. For some reason this is still creepy as hell.

#3 Throw Out The Mummies

We guess these are just some old mannequins thrown out outside of a store… but they sure look like mummies.

#4 Shooting In Columbia

This isn’t just a shooting caught on camera. They’re shooting AT the camera! I bet the guys driving the car did not expect that.

#5 Seagull Attack

This seagull is swooping in as the Google car drives by and was caught looking like he was swooping in for the kill. Those of us that have had our chips stolen on the beach by these guys know how nasty they are.

#6 Groundhog Day

Poor guy. He’s been walking up and down this sidewalk all day and can’t seem to get anywhere. Maybe there was a wormhole at the end of the street or something.

#7 Chasing Bears

This might look crazy but let me assure you it’s all okay… he’s Russian.

#8 Dead Body?

Is this a dead body? It sure looks like it. But apparently it’s just a girl playing dead as part of a game. We hope so.

#9 Ummm

… Yeah. We’re really not sure what’s going on here and to be honest we’d rather not.

#10 Sunbathing Girls

The internet was very happy when they found two half naked girls sunbathing on the village green. There’s obviously a lack of actual naked girls out there on the web that they had to turn to Street View.

#11 Is That A Monkey?!

Yes, you saw it right. That’s a monkey on the back of a tandem Penny Farthing.

#12 She Can Fly!

Whilst it might appear that this girl is flying, it’s actually just great timing on the part of Google. Poor luck for her, we hope she was okay.

#13 The Aliens Are Coming

We don’t know whether this is an alien attack or a government experiment but we can’t explain how that shape was made. Creepy.

#14 Road To Hell

Well, we’re not going down this road, that’s for sure.

Images via: Google Earth