Amazon Key Gives Couriers Access To Your Home And The Internet Says No

Nowadays you can order anything online and have it delivered the very next day, or in some cases within an hour. But often the struggle is being home to receive said delivery.

People go to work and have places to be, so are often not in. This usually leaves us with the old leave it with your neighbour trick or the dreaded ‘attempted delivery’ cards. Not to mention if you’ve ever lived in an apartment there’s the dreaded missing package scenario. But never fear, Amazon has come up with a solution to save the day, Amazon Key!

‘Key’ by Amazon is a smart lock, camera and app combination that enables you to grant access to your home to, well whoever you choose really. It’ll let you allow couriers to deliver packages inside, set temporary access for things like cleaning services and even gives you the option to use the camera as a regular security cam.

Don’t take our word for it, check out Amazon’s video:

Obviously the concern is that you’re letting someone into your home and, we have to admit, it creeps us out a little. Yes, all of the delivery drivers are registered with their social security number and lots of other personal information, so with the camera watching their every move, it’s unlikely that anything would happen.

But of course people are still freaking out and you can’t blame them, would you grant a total stranger access to your home?

Most of the time people love convenience, anything to save us time and effort is usually a win. But judging by the reaction on Twitter people aren’t quite taken with this idea.

There’re lots of scenarios being thrown around, some of which are more terrifying than others… some that are just hilarious.

People are going heavy on the memes – and rightly so!

Some are just impressed with Amazon’s unique way of doing business.

At the end of the day, if Amazon want us to adopt this, it’s going to happen. As much as we can try and resist they always find a way into our hearts and now our homes. There’re those that can see the bright side of things and recognise the convenience of the idea… albeit we only found one.

Whilst it’s scary and we want to resist, we do recognise resistance is futile and are certain this will soon become the norm. Would you use it?

Images via: Amazon / Twitter / Youtube